Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Library Learners Pay It Forward

Well...Lots of reasons why I haven't been posting, but I found new reasons why I want to post.

First, I've been taking from 2.0 technology for a long time. It's time I do some giving back. In 2011 I was hired full time by the Family History Library in Salt Lake. Its been great for my personal growth to focus full-time on a field I once followed only as a hobby. As a professional, and just as user, its time that I give back others. This blog seems like good place to start.

Second, I read on Steven's Lighthouse that libraries don't hire the learned, they hire "learners". For a long time I looked at the genealogists here at the FHL as the "learned experts", and they really are. But, what I have come to realize is that they are great "learners". Whenever an opportunity presents itself, the staff is right there ready to learn whatever they can to improve their own research or teaching skills. They thrive on passing this learning on to the library patrons wherever they are found--here in the library, at conferences, and online in the FamilySearch Wiki.

So, I'm ready to do the same. I'll pass on the things I learn in my day-to-day work. I'll pass on the skills I learn as I do my own research. These things are important to me as I progress as a library "learner". Here's to those in the genealogical world who are willing to do the same.